Praise and Prayer

Fall 2017

GBU Catania

  • We’re grateful to God for having given us the possibility of a venue in the centre of town where we can meet to carry out our activities
  • We thank God that the group has remained strong
  • We thank God for the Bible studies and outreach activities carried out last year in the various different universities
  • That God would help us reach as many students as we can to be able to talk to about God and the Gospel
  • That the group will be increasingly united and will grow to glorify God
  • That God would give us, in line with what’s possible, new perspectives and ideas for carrying out our activities

GBU Catanzaro

At the start of this new academic year we thank God for the new arrivals and for the new activities we’ll be able to carry out together this year. At the end of the last session we left some Christian books in a little book case in the university café and, thanks to God, they’re being read!

GBU Catanzaro is asking for prayer for a dedicated area in which to hold meetings: last year there were a few problems but let’s pray they’ll be able to give us a fixed place.
We want to keep praying for those who took part last year that they’d come back together with others!
Pray for us as a group inside the university because we really want to start up some low key new activities.
We also thank God for being able share in this way, allowing us to pray for one another. We’re apart geographically but we feel nearby in prayer!

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Is it worth it?

Throughout the 11 years that I have been working with the GBU, many times I have asked myself why I do what I am doing and if it really is worth it…

In other words, does it make sense to strive for the proclamation of the gospel in universities? There are so many important ministries out there and I want to be sure that I am dedicating my time and energy to something that is really worth striving for.

For this reason, I would briefly like to share three reasons why I still believe that is it extremely important that we bring the gospel of Christ into universities:

1. The gospel needs to be preached wherever knowledge is put on a pedestal above God

The apostle Paul tells us that knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1), and it is true! We can clearly see this in universities. Increasingly, in the minds of many people, especially those with a greater level of education, there seems to be a clear distinction between everything that is rational, ascertainable, or can be empirically demonstrated and anything that concerns faith, God, and religion. In a contest in which human pride rises up against its own Creator, we need to be ambassadors who humbly and confidently proclaim the message about Jesus of Nazareth, for the salvation of those who consequently choose to follow him. Read more