Praise and Prayer

Spring 2017

GBU Turin

Praise God for His faithfulness and for how things are constantly moving forward. The group is continuing to grow and new students are wanting to know more about the GBU as a result of the Mark Drama from a few days ago (20-21 March) and join in the Bible discussions! We’re really grateful to God for these two Mark Drama days and for how He has guided everything.

A while ago we organized two special meetings on the subject “Sex and God”. The evenings were interesting, enjoyable and a good number of people turned up, both “regulars” and not.

We have recently changed venues for our Bible discussions, so that we can accommodate everyone.

Conference “Sex and God”

Lastly, the non-Christians who are attending make up around 1/3 of us. This makes us very happy, but the problem remains that there aren’t many Christians willing to help out, particularly not in discipling them. As there aren’t many of us doing this, it’s not easy to “manage” everything and we could do with more support.


  • For all the young people who are continuing to attend as well as the “newcomers”.
  • God’s faithfulness and goodness.
  • The opportunity to involve new people and make Jesus known.


  • More Christian students are needed to help the group and sustain the “growth” of the non-Christians. Pray that they will understand that helping out in the GBU and discipling the new ones doesn’t need to be burdensome but enjoyable and something pleasurable.
  • That this new meeting venue for the Bible discussions would allow everyone to get to know one another, as there are new students, and help the group work together more and be more united.

GBU Firenze


  • For the start of the second part of the GBU year, beginning with the meetings in March, we were able to meet in a hall just for us, having enough time to hold Bible studies and organise the year’s events.
  • Praise God that He is working in the University of Florence! We’ve seen two more non-Christian girls turn up to the Bible studies for the first time!
  • Thank the Lord for support on behalf of the local churches, both in organising events and for praying in favour of God’s work at the university.


  • For the upcoming GBU events, that they’ll be an opportunity to invite friends along and proclaim the Gospel.
  • For non-believers that attended the previous small groups, that they’d keep coming to the bible studies, but more importantly that the Lord would speak to their hearts.
  • For each of the Christian members in the group, that they’d be strengthened and encouraged by the work of the Holy Spirit, that they’d receive wisdom and understanding for sharing Jesus student to student, wanting to obey the Lord more and more.

GBU Cosenza


  • Thank God for the GBU meetings in Cosenza. A believer has been added to the group who wasn’t able to come along last year. In addition, a young male student has been coming along sometimes, invited by two GBU members. That God would lead us in everything.


  • We’d like prayer for the group to grow spiritually and in number.
  • Let’s also pray for the whole university that many of those whose curiosity was aroused by the articles “against us” published last week, might come to the meetings and experience Christ’s love.

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Ready, steady… go!


When Giovanni Donato suggested I attend the GBU Student Leaders Training, from 30th September to 3rd October 2016 in the small town of Rocca di Papa near Rome, I have to admit that it seemed a strange idea to me. I thought, “In Ancona (the city where I live), there isn’t even a local GBU group. Why should I receive training for a role that doesn’t even exist and of which there’s no hope at my university?” … But wait, let’s rewind.

In January, after years of having attended national GBU events and activities, God laid on my heart the desire to establish a group in Ancona – a university made up of many departments and, therefore, with a great need for Jesus to be shared from student to student. So I got to work and began looking for Christian students with the same desire that God had given me, both in my own church and in other churches around the city. I managed to forge contacts with quite a few students, but unfortunately nothing concrete was established. I then left Ancona to spend a semester studying abroad, and returned to Italy in August. That brings us to 5th September, the day I had that conversation with Giovanni about the Training. Since many of the students I’d met at the GBU Weekend Away in April had warmly encouraged me to attend the Training weekend, I decided to go.

There were 27 of us students (approx. one or two per GBU group, all from various universities across Italy), and we were all gathered and ready for a weekend of intense preparation to equip us in tackling the upcoming academic year as we lead our local groups. The whole weekend was centred around a single theme: Be holy, because I am holy (1 Peter). Read more

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