The association cannot fulfill its mission of Sharing Jesus from student to student without the support of students, graduates, families and churches who decide to invest in our project for the Italian university.

For this reason we want to be clear and transparent not only about our mission, vision and strategy, but also about the way we manage your donations.

This page is our Transparency Document, i.e. it contains the information necessary to identify the people responsible for the management of donations and the relationship with donors. You will also find other information useful to clarify what we do with your donations. If something is not clear or if you have questions about a specific project – contact us!

Your phone call or email will be used to clarify your doubts, to improve our information and strengthen our relationship.

The person in charge of fundraising is General Secretary Johan Soderkvist. He can be contacted via e-mail at or by cell phone 329 22 58 402 during office hours.

The daily management of donations and communication with donors is supervised by the national office manager Luisa Pasquale. She can be contacted for any information by e-mail at or by phone 055 41 79 79 during office hours.

Any question about donations will take priority and it will be a pleasure and a duty for us to explain how we use your gifts.

We share responsibility for gifts made through the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) channels. IFES is a charitable organization registered in England and Wales (nr 247919). Contact details are: IFES International Service Centre, 5 Blue Boar Street, Oxford OX1 4EE, England, +44 1865 263777,

We raise funds for non-specific purposes, funds to pay employee salaries and funds for specific purposes.

Non-Specific Purposes
These gifts will be used to cover the costs of the association where it serves best. They may be used to pay for office rental, to offer grants/bursaries for our events, or to complete support for a contract employee.

These gifts will be used to cover the contract costs of our employees (staff).

Specific Purposes
These gifts will be used to cover the costs of a specific project that will be documented at the time of donation. Each present and past project is listed and summarized at the bottom of this page.

The collection of funds is done through our BancoPosta account (bank transfer, ccp), through PayPal (credit cards).

Both the BancoPosta account and the PayPal account are in the name of the association and verified.

The association retains 10% on each donation made for specific projects and on the donations made to pay the salaries of employees.

The association does not withhold anything on donations without specific purpose and on gifts made for the staff expenses fund.

For gifts made to the association or its employees through the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), an additional 5% is withheld by the association.

This 90/10 division of funds is well above what Italian regulations for the third sector require regarding the destination of funds (70%).

The gifts are confirmed within one week of the actual crediting of the account with a thank you email, which is also valid as a receipt.

The gifts are included in the annual balance sheet on 31/12 each year. The annual balance sheet is approved by the shareholders’ meeting every year in April. A letter is sent in the first quarter of the year to each donor with an indication of the financial situation of the association and how the gifts have been used.

Gifts for employees’ contracts and their Staff Expense Funds are also reported by the employee with regular letters of information and thanks.

Gifts for specific purposes (projects), employees’ contracts and their Staff Expense Fund are also reported separately to assess the achievement of the proposed goal. A letter is sent when a project or contract is concluded with the reporting of the project and the gifts received.

If the gifts exceed the goal, they will be used for a similar project or contract, seeking the donor’s consent whenever possible. In any case, the donation request page for a project or contract will be promptly updated if this happens.

This page is written in accordance with Linee guida del Agenzia per il Terzo Settore

Active Projects

Concluded Projects

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