Praise and Prayer

Fall 2021

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In GBU Verona we only started up the meetings a couple of weeks ago, but we were super charged to get going!

At the beginning of September, many students left who were part of the group last year and we were left with virtually just four of us. But we didn’t want to give up hope and tried not to lose heart, believing that God had a purpose for us in this city!

God is indeed a faithful God, and we want to thank Him for the fact that the group is growing (there are currently around ten of us)! We can’t wait to see what will happen this year!

Please support us by praying for the students here in Verona that they’d find opportunities for people to approach the GBU and get passionate about Jesus!

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What a season it’s been! 🤩
We wound up last academic year with a whole lot of activities where God gave us the great joy of working with groups of young adults from other churches (as well as with a local branch of Agape Italia, which also works with university students) — what a witness of unity!! 🤝

we’re raring to get going for next year:

without a student leader…

…but with a great number of highly keen and creative young adults and a super fantastic God. 🎉

Florence is referred to as the city of art, isn’t she? Our small GBU group is also full of artistic students of fine arts🎨, singing 🎼, paiting, fashion👗, communication 🗯… and yes, okay, there are also those who are studying law 📚, history 📖 or IT 💻, but precisely that as well as the fact that we come from lots of different countries, cultures and schools/universities makes us a very colourful group. We’d like to use this diversity to get to know lots of new people, especially students 🥂

You can pray that this year we’d reach more non-believer young adults with the Gospel, and that friendship and the love of God would grow among group members. ♥️
Moreover, we hope to see new friendships forming within the group and we hope that not having a coordinator this year will encourage all of us to be involved! !

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Soon you will be reading the latest news from GBU students all over Italy. You will probably find reasons for praise that you have already read in other newsletters, prayer requests that you have prayed for in the past for a group, news of events from an enthusiastic group that, however, are not exactly new to you. In fact, they are often activities that have already been done in other cities, by other groups. Activities and prayer requests that you yourself have prayed, if you are a former GBU member, or that you know about because in the very last newsletter you read, another GBU group had done or asked for something similar in some other city. 

But why, then, would you read this newsletter? What’s new about it?

If you’re in a hurry, don’t read it. You might not find anything new. But if you devote a few minutes of concentration to reading, if you pay attention, you may be able to catch the spirit in which the students wrote those few lines. You will be able to find expressions such as “supercharged”, “finally”, “restarted” that powerfully express all the joy that  the students have  now they are getting back to meeting in person , relating  with other students, organising creative events, Bible studies and prayer meetings. In short, to Share Jesus from student to student, as they have always done, even during the pandemic, but with a new enthusiasm.

And that enthusiasm will sweep you away!

Then you’ll understand that the GBU still has that ever-new enthusiasm  typical of the young, new generation of believers, which is renewed from year to year, particularly in this post-covid restart year (we hope!).  You’ll realize we’re on track, we’re charged up, and you will feel involved, eager to do something: to pray. The Holy Spirit will guide you, speak to you, and with your prayer and support you can continue (or begin) to be a part of this mission, the mission of GBU, to make the Lord Jesus known in universities.

Domenico Campo (GBU Staff worker in Sicily)