Praise and Prayer

Fall 2020

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In GBU Modena we started up really raring to go this second year!

We held an introductory pizza evening combined with a short reflection on the subject “Were the gospels altered?” dealing with the topic of the New Testament reliability and giving out a copy of Josh McDowell’s “More than a Carpenter” to those who were interested.

From this perspective, we started studying the life of Jesus through the Gospel of John. So far, we have met together twice in someone’s home (taking the necessary precautions) and using a computer as well, so that the study could be followed online too.

  • Let’s thank the Lord because it was a wonderful experience. Sadly, from the next GBU meeting onwards, our meetings will be online only. This won’t lessen our enthusiasm for studying the Word together and sharing the knowledge of Jesus from student to student! In addition to studying John, we’re also planning to do games evenings or film evenings to vary the schedule.
  • We’re thankful to have a new female coordinator this year and some new members who are enthusiastically coming along.
  • We’re asking for prayer to be able to talk to friends and acquaintances and invite them along, to be able to do the GBU meetings every week and that we would always and in every case trust only in the Lord, whatever the circumstances.
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By the grace of God, GBU Verona has just started up again, despite it having been a truly unpredictable and unstable year from many perspectives!

God provided a new coordinator this year. We would like to thank God above all for His grace and faithfulness and then we’d like to thank all those who prayed for this ministry!

The group is currently made up of little more than around ten people, but not everyone participates actively.

Let’s keep praying:

  • that the group will have even more unity, be stronger and grow;
  • that new non-believers will join and thus get to know Jesus, the only certainty in this time where certainty is lacking.
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GBU Bologna is progressing well; we’re studying Romans to find an answer to the question, “Is God just?” and some wonderful ideas have emerged.

At the first three meetings there were always four of us, of whom one person was always alternating.

  • Let’s thank God for enabling us to do the studies, which after the first meeting have been taking place online, since it has been impossible to find a cafe or canteen open after 6 pm to host us.
  • Let’s pray that the Lord will help us introduce GBU Bologna to more students, also through presentations during the lectures, flyers and outreach events, and that if the Covid situation remains stable in Emilia Romagna, we will be able to find somewhere to meet in person as well.

Thank you for sustaining us in prayer.

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I love autumn!

I like it because, after the summer, it’s the time to get back to work at full speed. And working with GBU university students is a great job to have!

I like it because finally there isn’t that suffocating heat anymore, but the days are still beautiful, and you can enjoy the pleasant sun (in Sicily at least!).

I like autumn because I like its colours. The green and lush leaves are getting ready to drop, turning yellow, orange, red…

Yellow… Orange… Red…

Thinking about it, this year I like these colours less, much less. In this particular autumn, in fact, it is not only the leaves that have taken on the colours of autumn. [ndt: Italy’s regions have been categorized with these colors depending on the gravity of the spread of covid-19]

But if it is true that for the leaves it is the natural colouring that prepares them to dry up and die on the ground, let’s hope that for the regions of Italy the process will be the reverse, and that they will soon be green and lush again, as we used to see them on maps or on TV weather programmes.

In the meantime, the various GBU groups have resumed their activities throughout Italy.

Students are experiencing similar challenges in all regions, and while it is true that some groups still manage to meet in presence (some groups in the yellow regions), for others the meetings have all moved online (almost all groups in the orange and red regions).

The difficulty to relate with friends and colleagues certainly does not make the work of GBU easier, and certainly affects the mood of the students in a negative way. Many are also slightly worried because at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about their university career. Some are facing even more serious challenges, such as the risk of not being able to return home to their family, or even worse, having to face the fact that they may have a dear one affected by covid.

This is what autumn is like for GBU students.

It is an autumn where grey seems to prevail, as well as yellow, orange and red…

Yet, you only have to read this news from the various GBU groups to discover that there is much more than just uncertainty and fear in the hearts of these young people. There is creativity, faith, love and passion for the Gospel!

So I ask you to read this news carefully and to support GBU students in prayer.

You will read about students struggling, praying and using their full potential to “Share Jesus from student to student”, confident that the good news of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection is powerful enough to change the lives of their friends and colleagues. Even from a distance. Even while they feel uncertain and lost. Even if they are alone behind the screen of a PC or a smartphone.

All because Jesus is the true light!

I am the light of the world; those who follow me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. (John 8:12)

And light, it is said, is the combination of all colours: yellow, orange, red…

Domenico Campo
(GBU Staff worker)