Praise and Prayer

Spring 2018

GBU Florence

  • The first part of the year really was very encouraging! We’ve seen Christian group members grow and we’ve been able to directly present the Gospel to various friends of ours, both through events and the Bible studies.
  • We thank God for the new room we’ll be able to use in this second semester and for how He guided our choices as a result of it.
  • TMD, “The Mark Drama”: God willing, GBU Florence will also carry out this wonderful project at the beginning of May!! We’re super enthusiatic and we’re asking for prayer that the event will go well, both for the actors and our friends who are coming to see the play!!
  • We’re asking for prayer that each of our small initiatives will bear fruit to God’s glory!
  • For the two girls who coordinate the group in Florence, and that God would give other people in the group the desire to serve Him as coordinators, knowing He’ll provide for our every need.

GBU Turin

  • We thank God that we’ve been recognised as an association in the Polytechnic and this allows us to have an institutional email address, therefore we can send emails to all the students in the Polytechnic, inviting them to our events. This made two of the last events highly successful: the open mic and a seminar on pornography, both of which drew around 40 non-believing students.
  • Praise God that this month a student made the decision to follow Christ!
  • That new group members were enthusiastic and got involved.
  • On 12 April we’re holding a conference on self-worth.
  • For our coordinators, in particular that they’d manage to organise their time well and make their commitments with both the university and the GBU fit together.
  • That those interested in the faith could deepen their study of the Word, and that we students would help them in that process.

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Bible on Display

From 27 until 29 March 2018 the “Bible on Display” event took place at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro. The exhibition was carried out in the Department of Medicine and General Surgery, offering an overview of the Bible, its contents, reliabilty of the text from a historical/scientific point of view, the invaluable message of life offered by Jesus, its evolution through printing etc.

It is very easy to set up, as roll up banners are used. The exhibition can be shown in any kind of venue, preferably sheltered.
During the event organised by GBU Catanzaro, a brief speech was given by Giovanni Donato which aroused interest among the students. Questions, doubts and puzzlements were raised, dialogue and debate were prefered and some wanted to go deeper with the Bible message and join the meetings held by students in the local GBU group. Bibles in a variety of languages were also exhibited and New Testaments given out. Read more