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#maiunagioia (never a joy), this is the hashtag of the moment between high school and university students. The hashtag is ironically associated with moments of daily life where unexpected or improbable small things provoke a small amount of frustration and nervousness for the misfit students. While all this is tackled with great irony, it hides […]


How do you measure success

Here we are at the start of a new academic year with the honour, responsibility, challenge and pleasure of “shining out like bright stars among a warped and crooked generation, holding out the Word of life”! Whether you are a seasoned student with a long list of successes and failures, or a freshman, feeling that mix of excitement […]

I wanted to get a Bible but my hands were dirty…

“We don’t have any Bibles left,” said Tommaso to a Nigerian refugee, inside one of the many refugee welcome centres of the province of Trapani, Sicily.  “Why did you run away when you saw us distributing Bibles, five minutes ago?” “I went to wash my hands because I wanted to get a Bible so much but I didn’t […]