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  • we held a conference at Turin Polytechnic on 26 March entitled, “UNDER PRESSURE! Managing stress amid commitments, demands and expectations” given by Dr Susanne Waldner. It went very well. Lots of people came from outside (around 100) who, in addition to everything else, were able to hear a short but effective testimony by Susanne. We had some positive feedback, so we are thanking God for that and we hope to be able to bring some students to God.
  • Lorens (local GBU staff worker) has come back after being absent for a long time due to his broken leg
  • the opportunity that Paula (coordinator) has had to go on a mission trip to Greece
  • for everyone who has stayed faithful to the GBU by getting involved with us, and for those who continue to come along even though they have slightly different beliefs from us
  • for the opportunity to organise conferences on the Einaudi Campus
  • for the mid-week meetings and for the group to bond because fewer people are attending
  • for those who we came into contact with us through the conference held in March, though not exclusively through that, that they would come to the GBU and to Jesus
  • for the upcoming conferences, there will be one in April on scientific topics (given by Prof. F. Shaeffer) and one in May on the subject of “Why I don’t do what I want to do” (given by Paul Chatfield)
  • for Lorens who broke his leg in August 2018, that it would heal completely and quickly.