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When I decided to take part in the GBU mission trip to Malta, I knew that the Lord would change me and I knew that I would come back home enthusiastic and full of energy, but I promise you that I had no idea how much energy I would receive.

While I write this article I have already shared my experiences with my whole family (including grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles) who are all ‘catholic’ apart from my parents and siblings. They were all surprised by the amount of enthusiasm I was showing on my return. To be perfectly honest, it surprised me too. I’ve really never been so happy. And now I’ll explain why.

A mission trip doesn’t mean that you get to be a tourist in a different country (even though we did have the opportunity to see the wonders of Malta), but it means working for the Lord, a whole week in service for our brothers and sisters and God. Every morning from 9am to 2pm we were at the university with our stand speaking to all the students. With some we spoke about their studies or how hard the maltese language is or where they were from. In Malta there are people from all over the world – for the first time I met someone from Kuwait! With other students we spoke deeply about God, but with each student, I’m certain, God planted a seed.

Since the first day, God guided every activity, seriously everything. I can’t go on too long in telling you how much we experienced, but I want to share with you the three evening events we had.

The first evening was a film night in the university residence, we watched “La vita è bella” (Life is Beautiful). As it was the first night, we didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t know if people would come because we didn’t have enough time to publicise it. We got to the residence and set up the room, then went around the apartments telling students about the event. The students certainly welcomed our event and in the end the room was packed. The best thing for me was to see the first face appear at the door. I’ll never forget it, a curious face that made me believe that it was all going to be easy from here on.

The second event was Wednesday evening and it was a music night. It was already our third day at the university, we were in the middle of the week and at our stand we’d had so many wonderful opportunities to share the gospel. Again, it seemed impossible that we would fill the room but yet again it was full of students. Everyone could enjoy the music and the company.

The third event was a night of Italian food and culture. For this event students needed to sign up. There weren’t many who signed up but we knew that many would come even though they didn’t say so. We arrived at the university with a lot of pasta! It was our last night in Malta and our efforts were concluded with a flourish. There were a lot of us and many had the opportunity again to hear the gospel. Throughout the week we saw amazing things. God answered our prayers and the whole Italian and Maltese team were extremely encouraged. So, Thank You God!

For everyone who’s given their time to read this article, I’m sorry that I could tell you everything that happened, but if I can give you some advice- live an experience like this, as soon as you can! Having the opportunity to study makes us grow as people and will help us in our earthly life, but serving the Lord is a privilege, don’t miss out!

Iris Perrone

(GBU Verona)