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Shanizee is Sicilian. She has always had the Mission at heart and that is why she has been in England for almost 3 years with the vision to equip herself for Christian service and then return to Italy as a missionary. During this time she collaborated for a period with Youth for Christ, studied theology at Moorlands College for a year and is currently the coordinator of the youth ministry in a Baptist church. In the meantime she is also committed to trying to make the British understand that putting pineapple on pizza is wrong, but it seems an impossible mission!

As a university student she has been involved in the GBU, first in Palermo as coordinator and then in Milan where, attending the master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences, she led and coordinated the rebirth of the local group.

Being part of the GBU was one of the most formative experiences of her life that increased her passion to share Jesus with those around her.

Now her desire is to return to be part of this movement as Staff in Training in Siena, where she will also be involved with the local church in the youth ministry.

The plans are to return to Italy to work with GBU from September 1, 2021.


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