Vincenzo Pilieci

Vincenzo Pilieci


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My commitment to student ministry developed spontaneously during my first few days at university, sparked by a desire to speak of Jesus with friends and coursemates. The coming to faith of some of these people and the various events organised by the GBU gave me the opportunity to share the good news of God’s kingdom with many people.

My time living in Spain was also a very formative experience as I took part in many activities run by the Spanish GBU groups and their staff.

Reaching young people with the message of God’s grace is a priority. University is a place where individuals and groups from hundreds of Italian towns can be reached, not to mention students from other countries! In such a context it is so important to be able to plant a holy seed, which has an eternal value and which God is able to take back again once it has accomplished his purposes for his glory!

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