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We’re grateful for having started meeting up again this year too.
We prayed that new Christian students would arrive this year and Jesus answered our prayer. Six new Christian students joined our group.


An international girl student we met last month while doing a survey has also joined our group.
In October we went into the University with our staff to talk about Jesus one on one. Before getting going, we stopped to pray together. As soon as we’d prayed, we noticed a girl sitting under a tree and felt led to speak to her. When she understood what the GBU was, she was shocked. She picked up the book on her lap and showed it to us, exclaiming, “This is my Bible!”. She told us she had moved to Messina to study and, right before setting off for Italy, she’d asked Jesus for some other Christian students to find her, that He would be the one to send them to her, because otherwise she wouldn’t have known how to find them. We immediately knew Jesus had led us to speak to her – we were the answer to her prayer.
This experience encouraged us hugely and now we’re thankful for being able to do our meetings both in Italian and English.


This is also a great challenge, which is why we’re asking for prayer.
We’re also asking for you to pray that GBU Messina could become a University Association, so that we can be more present right inside the University.

We’re already planning the meetings for the following months, so we’d like prayer for there to be more students who don’t know Jesus.

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  • We thank God for having sustained us in the first part of this year, for all the meetings and events.
  • We thank God that new Christian young adults have joined the group.
  • We thank God that we wanted to keep up our meeting together during the exam period too, so that we could encourage and pray for one another.
  • We thank God that various non-believer young adults have joined in our meetings and events.
  • We thank God for the young adults who are getting to know Jesus as a direct result of the GBU and that they are regularly taking part in meetings.
  • We’re asking God to fill our hearts with the desire to talk about Him within the University.
  • We’d like prayer for the Easter event and for the coming months’ meetings.
  • We’d like prayer for the young adults getting to know Jesus, that they’d accept Him into their lives.
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GBU Messina would like to thank God for how He’s led us over these years and how He’ll continue to do so.

  • We thank God for the new young adults who have started coming along to our GBU group, two of whom are getting to know Jesus precisely in this way.
  • We thank God for this first month of meetings, for reading the second letter to Timothy and for being able to meet both in Church and in a café near the University.
  • We’re asking for prayer that all the young adults in our group would have a personal
    encounter with Jesus.
  • We’re praying that each young adult believer in the group would become more aware of their calling to bring the Gospel to the University.
  • We’re asking for prayer for the meetings and events happening over the next few months and to be able to be more present right inside the University, becoming an association.
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We’re really grateful to God for how He’s leading this group! We were raring to go at the start of the year, wanting to do so much and with a great desire in our hearts! Bit by bit the group has been growing and becoming increasingly stronger. Our prayers have been answered!

We’ve decided to do an event with aperitifs and a different theme every month! Last month we did one with typical dishes from America! This month we did a Spanish theme, and so forth… We thought it would be a good way and good approach to get our colleagues to know about the GBU.

In addition to this, we continue our Bible study meetings every week, and thank God because they always refine us a lot.

What we want to do is talk to others about Jesus, get our friends and colleagues to know Him. That’s why we’re asking for prayer that our faith and courage to talk about Jesus would be greater and stronger than any more of fear or shyness! God can use all of us, all we need is a willing and longing heart to serve and follow Him!

God bless us

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As ever, we would like to thank God for everything He is doing within this group.

Although it has only been around a short time, God is helping us grow spiritually and have a more solid relationship with one another.

We have recently started a new project called “English conversation”. We are giving university students the chance to improve their English enabling them to join in English conversation with native English speakers! The project is going really well and we are asking God to give us wisdom and creativity.

Please also pray for greater unity within the group and for some students who have just recently joined us, that they would truly feel the power of God in their lives.

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GBU Messina was formed last year, just as the pandemic was breaking out!

However, despite this, we got off to a great start! We started our weekly Bible studies and held parties to gather as many students as possible. During the lockdown we organised online meetings and I have to say we managed to gather a fair few people!

I’ve come to realise at this time that when the hand of God is present and everyone prays, everything goes well and people’s hearts are touched, the seed is planted!

Now we’re continuing our online meetings and trying to arrange other things for the students.

  • We’re asking for prayer for this group, that it would become stronger and more united in Christ. And that we would be a light and witness for all the students!
  • We’re also asking for prayer for some events we’d like to put on soon! We were actually thinking of organising a games night (we have GBU Turin to thank for giving us this fantastic idea!) and creating a space for students to improve their English and vice versa, help English students improve their Italian!

Thank you for your prayers!

Domenico is Sicilian. He was born in July 1992 in Erice, but has always lived in Marsala. He spent his university years in Siena, where he discovered the GBU and began serving with the local group, proclaiming the gospel to other students in Siena. Having now returned to live in Sicily, since January 2017 Domenico has been blessed to continue serving the Lord Jesus with the GBU in Sicilian universities. He is also involved in the ministry of his local church in Marsala.

Domenico is an important piece of the puzzle that is our Sicily Project, through which we would like to see a GBU group in every university in Sicily in the near future. We need a member of staff that can meet with churches, introduce and inform about the GBU and its vision but that can also regularly visit the local groups, encouraging and training them.